Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Kyle Busch, Celebrating his win in the Kobalt Tools 500 @ the Atlanta Motor Speedway. Toyota becomes the first Japanese manufacturer to win in an official NASCAR points race

Some fans, teams, and drivers didn't want it to happen...but it finally did!! Toyota won their first NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race with Joe Gibbs Racing Driver Kyle Busch, followed by his teammate, Tony Stewart. By doing this, they became the first Japanese manufacturer to win in NASCAR, have a solid 1-2 finish, and the first foreign born manufacturer to win, since Al Keller's win in a Jaguar during a NASCAR road race held @ New Jersey's Linden Airport in 1954:

Al Keller, Posing with his Jaguar at Linden Airport, Linden, NJ

It really amazes me that many NASCAR fans in the US didn't know of this fact until the win, and even before - when Toyota first came in the cup series. many from who I've talked to have said words like "it's Un-American","we don't want foreigners in an American series", or "I hope they fail" I personally have been a supporter of Toyota for the fact that they're different, and its refreshing to see the Camry - an American made car( Made in Kentucky), compared to the Ford Fusion (Made in Sonora, Mexico) and the Dodge Charger (Made in Ontario, Canada) so why do fans hate an American made car? The simple reason is because it has a foreign badge, and to be that's the dumbest & poorest excuse to even come close to hating a car, and a manufacturer that has every right to run a racing series in a country where their cars are being sold. I'm glad that NASCAR themselves saw this, and knew it was time for a change, and that they knew of Toyota's successful track record before coming into the series. here's a just few of them:

  • 2003 Indianapolis 500 winners (finished 1-2)
  • 2007 NASCAR Craftsman Truck Manufacturer's Champion
  • Engine/Chassis Supplier to CART/Champ Car, Toyota Atlantic Series, Baja 1000, Formula 1, the World Rally Championship, & the 24 Hours of Le Mans

Thank you NASCAR, by stepping into the 21st century and making this win possible

Photos Courtesy of Toyota & the National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing

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